Lets talk about technic

Here is the part for the geeks under the musicians. I think all musicians are geeks. We would to know which Sound is this or how to play this phrase… and so on.

Now, I tell you which hardware and which software I use in my little studio.

Today, a computer is a must have. And I have a really good thing. It´s a Mac Pro with a 27” Display and a 22” Cinemadisplay. 4 cores and a lot of RAM doing their best.
It´s an awesome machine. I love it. In 2006 I changed my system from Windows to the Mac and what should I say? The best decision to do this. Since this moment my life was very relaxed.

Okay, a lot of outboard equipment is also ready to use. There is a Korg Wavestation EX, a Kawai K5000W, an Access Virus A, a Roland JV 1080 with 2 Expansions (Vintage Keys and Orchestra I) and finally a Waldorf Blofeld. This are old synths but I like it all. The synths are connected with a Behringer MX 8000 mixing console with a meterbridge. The console is over 2 Subouts connected with a Focusrite Saphire 24 Pro Audiointerface and the interface is connected with the Mac over Firewire. Oh I forgot, a MOTU MIDI-Interface is also connected with the Mac.

The hole breeze come out of Mackie MR Nearfield monitors. As masterkeyboard I use a CME UF8. For drums which I do not play with the keys I use a Alesis Drumpad.
There are a lot of any other old things like compressors from Behringer and an Alesis DM 5 Drummodul, but I don´t use this any longer. This are relicts of the analog times.

Now it´s time for the software.

The heart of my setup is the awesome DAW Studio One 2.6x from PreSonus.

I love this software. In the past I used always Cubase on my Windows PC. Also on my first computer an Atari St. Also an incredible machine. But anytime Cubase made many problems on my system. I think it was the time as Cubase SX was the current version.

So I changed to Logic. I had no problems with Logic, but it was not really my way. For me it was to complicated and laborious. By accident I saw Studio One at my music dealer. So great, so easy to use. Real drag and drop and many more things for more fun.

This is the way for me to make music. I must not search for any functions, I have a perfect view of all parameters I always need. For me perfect.
Now enough compliments for Studio One. Another awesome software is the Komplete-Bundle from Native Instruments. I use Version 8.

Another great one is the Korg Legacy Collection. I have the the version with the MS 20 controller. All updates till today make sure that the Legacy Collection is running with Mountain Lion.

An also incredible software are the synths from U-he. I´m using Tyrell N6 and Zebralette. U-he is Urs Heckmann. A german company with really great soft synths and other stuff. The great Hans Zimmer is also a user of U-he software.

I think my next soft synth is Zebra or Diva from U-he. Great sounds!!

At last, for non-electronic music like Funk, Blues or Soul I use BFD 2 from FXpansion for all kind of drums.

All the great sounds of my synths are inspiration for my music. It´s a pleasure for me to create new sounds. But with soft synths is this not so easy. Hardware like the Access Virus is the best for this work.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to ask me.