by Armin Bayer

Some news before this year is over

After a long time again an entry.
Still, my job keeps me hard caught. The time is simply not enough. The day should be 48 hours and even then it would be close.

But hey, it's just that way and I do not want to moan.

After all, I found enough time to expand my sound library and get the Albion One from Spitfire Audio.
I was looking for a good price for this library for a long time and finally it's mine :-) The black Friday is my friend :-)

My thoughts have been revolving around the topic of film music for a long time. This genre has always fascinated me. And honestly, with Hans Zimmer, the motivation is already really boiled up.
Likewise, I discovered Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL a long time ago and appreciate him and his work very much.

Great names and never reach, but motivation enough to emulate them. Well, at least try it :-)

Well, the last few weeks I was in the studio just busy setting up the MacPro, and create a new template in Studio One. A template for soundtracks. That really took. Setting up the individual instruments and articulations of the libraries Albion One and Vienna Symphonic Library was interesting but also quite annoying.
Some time ago I also downloaded the   Miroslav Philharmonic 2 Classik Edition, but I'm not sure. The low price has any reason. This library is really not a screamer.

I don´t know if I should install it in the template. I will see. If I had a good day...
In YouTube videos, I've always wondered, "why do they all have so many tracks in their templates?" Now I know it :-) Although I am still far away from all the composers on YouTube, but my template has now also 150 tracks :-)
In the beginning, I don't know is my MacPro 2009 good enough for this project - before the Mac has always had quite a problem - but after the clean-install the Mac runs like a young guy :-) Under 10% processor load - terrific!
Tip on the edge. Do not install all OS updates over it. If possible, always make a cleaninstall if you make a new major update on your box. I think that should not be different with Windows.

Now music has to be made first.

In the near future, I hope I find the time to upload some test of film scores for you. Let's see, I will try as soon as possible to publish something. Of course, for free :-)

And hey, now you can find me also on Instagram. There is always something new - even if it's just a picture.

I would be glad if you stop by, say hello and follow me.

I'm already saying thank you :-)

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by Armin Bayer

A sign of life

Hello everybody. I hope you had a peaceful christmastime and a great start in the new year.
I hope this is a peaceful year without so bad news as in the last year. So many friends, musicians and actors passed away. So sad.

You don´t heard and read something from me in the last weeks and month. I have a new Job and this cost all my time.
I hope it will be better in the next few weeks and I can make more music.

From time to time I´m sitting here in my studio and try to work on new songs. I think in the next few weeks I can offer a new song to download for free on the website here.

Stay tuned and all my best wishes for you.

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by Armin Bayer

Some news

The new records is out now. You can buy it on iTunes, Amazon and so on and you can stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and many others.

If you want some songs for free so check out the media area here on this site and download these two songs you can find at the moment. Enjoy the music.

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by Armin Bayer

Change of name

In consequence for the coming release of the new Album in the common Downloadstores and Streamingprovider I had made some inquiries. And I found some other project with the same name BSD. Although I think I have the older rights of this name - I released some song in the 90ies - so I would to avoid any problems about this. So I release this album and all other Song in the future under my realname "Armin Bayer".

This Website is changed from "BSD" to "Armin Bayer". I will start a new Twitteraccount and send the Follower the informations about the new account.

About Facebook I´m searching for a simple solution to change the name. I will see.

Please check out this site and twitter for more informations.

Thanks guys.

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by Armin Bayer

New album had finished

Now, the waiting is over. The new Album is out. It´s waiting to you to hear the new songs.
Please check it out here on this site or directly on Soundcloud. Here is the link to Soundcloud.

You also find the tracks on MyOwnMusic. There and on Soudcloud you only can streaming the songs.

When you like my songs and you want to download it, please contact me and for some bucks I send you a downloadlink.

I hope you like the songs.


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by Armin Bayer

Tribute-Song is ready

"A tribute to Edgar" has finished and is online. Please check Soundcloud to listen and download the song.

It´s a gift for you. This song is completely free. Please have a lot of fun with it.

I´m glad if I hear something from you about this song. Follow me on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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by Armin Bayer

A Tribute to Edgar

Only now, I read that Edgar Froese passed away in Vienna at 2015-01-20.

I´m so sad. He was a hero of electronic music for me. The years from 1970 till the end of 1980 are the best years of Tangerine Dream. For me! TD are my great paragons for my own music.

To pay tribute to Edgar, I started a new song. It´s a song in a early TD stile. I think Edgar would be glad about this song.

The song is nearly ready. I need yet a little more time to finish the song. If it´s finished you can download it from Soundcloud for free. 

You will learn it here on the page or from Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter.

Stay tunend.


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by Armin Bayer

New song is online

Now the new song "Faded Stars" is online. You can hear it on soundcloud and here on my site. 
The song isn´t mastered. Also the other songs aren´t mastered. How I wrote in the last post, in the next time I will to master all the songs for the project "A Journey". I hope I can finishing the project for you in the next time.

Stay tuned.

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by Armin Bayer

Short new massage

Today I finished a new song.
It calls "Faded Stars". It´s also part of the project "A Journey". Now it´s song 11 of this project. I think I can start the next step and begin with the mastering of all songs. I hope I find a lot of time for this in the next weeks.

In the next few days I will upload a preview of the new song to Soundcloud.

Stay tuned and have fun.

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by Armin Bayer

Website in english

The Website is now also in English.
I hope my English is good enough for my English-speaking visitors.
All informations and articles I will write also in English. It´s not bad, so I can improve my English performance.

I hope for indulgence :-)

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